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June 9, 2009

MYNT1792 Kevin

There’s a new contender jumping into the jean pool.  Mynt 1792 is a lifestyle brand hellbent on serving up attainably classic, but simultaneously fashion-forward American style.  But in this notoriously competitive denim game, the upper hand may lie within the charming strengths of its co-founder and designer, Kevin Christiana.

Of course, Mr. Christiana is no stranger to games himself — many will recall Mr. Christiana from Project Runway: Season 4, where his eye and hand for precise tailoring set him apart from the competition.  Exposure with the Heidi Klum-hosted juggernaut led to his current role as a style correspondent on The Rachael Ray Show, where he can be seen giving down-to-earth tips to style-starved viewers.  But despite all the necessary publicity that being on shows like Runway and Ray garner, in the end it all comes down to the garments.

So along came Mynt 1792 by Kevin Christiana. The brand, with both a women’s and men’s range, is heavily influenced by Mr. Christiana “just living in his day-to-day environment” in New York.  In the line, one finds covetable staples like West-Point-meets-East-Village military jackets for the ladies, while the gentlemen will enjoy jeans that, for once, may actually fit.

Tired of seeing sloppy jeans on guys, Mr. Christiana looked to athletes’ proportions in tailoring his denim shapes.   A marathon runner may need a run-of-the-mill straight-leg, but a footballer, with tree-trunk thighs but a nipped-in waist, needs something entirely different.  Within Mynt 1792, there’s a jean for that.

With Christiana’s something-for-everyone “democracy” of denim, it’s no surprise that Mynt 1792 finds the origins of its name within the history of America itself.  According to Christiana, “1792 is the year the money mint was established in the United States.”

And to add further to Mynt 1792’s market mania, the brand adopts the dollar-cameo slogan “E Pluribus Unum,” or “Out of Many, One.”  Says Christiana, “This is exactly how we want our customers to feel when they wear Mynt 1792.”

But standing out is a tough balance in the groupthink that is the men’s market.  The typical Statesider prefers not to be the peacock (like his European counterpart), but instead a more pulled-together version of an already established American Look.  However, Mr. Christiana knows there’s more to American style than polo and yachting off Nantucket.

“Mynt 1792,” responds the designer, “represents all the wonderful things that growing up in America means to us.  For example: All-American history, pastimes, sports, music, culture, etc. … but with a touch of the ‘Kevin Christiana’ twist.”

That twist embraces the other slices of Americana by merging  seemingly disparate worlds. Whilst designing tees, Mr. Christiana culled vintage collegiate sports photos and presented them to his tattoo artist, who in turn rendered uniquely etched-out illustrations that now emblazon Mynt 1792’s supersoft shirts.

So whether you’re a jock or an inked rocker, it seems individuality won’t be hard to achieve in Mynt 1792, but will it come at a hefty price?  In this age of flinch-inducing $500 Japanese ring-spun selvage, Mynt 1792 tops out at a reasonable $200, with most items selling well below that price point.

Says Mr. Christiana, “We created Mynt 1792 to be affordable and give the feel of a custom fit for every man and woman … so everyone can look great without breaking their budgets.”

Looking good, guilt-free? Now, that’s money, honey.

MYNT1792 Linesheet

[Photo Credit: Mynt 1792]

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  1. FCM permalink
    June 10, 2009 1:29 pm

    Great piece! Look forward to hearing more.

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